New Planner/Designer

I​t’s super important to really understand pricing and your value. This is a big thing ​in our industry​. ​W​hat happens is that ​you start off in ​your career and emotionally price. ​You low ball some of​ your​ prices because ​you don’t feel like ​you’ve​ established enough to charge more.​ This kind of dumbs down the whole industry. I’m a big believer that there’s enough work to go around. A creative person doesn’t always understand the business principals. I wish that I understood this earlier in my career: the bottom line and how to run a profitable business. It’s not just the ​design and planning aspect of the business: it’s the gas to get you places, helpers, the van you use to lug everything around, and of course, the time it take- intangibles we forget to put price on.

Last bit would be… Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you admire. We’re all human. We’ve all been at a starting point in our career. The worst thing they can say is, no​!​

​Know your worth!