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Q&A With Tica

What to know About Our CEO

Erica Duroseau (Best Known as Tica)​

Founder, Lead Designer & Planner | Tica Rose Events, LLC

What do you love about a weddings?

I’m all about the ceremony… I love when the bride’s walking down the aisle, the way the groom reacts to his bride coming down, and when he reads his vows. Just over all seeing so much love in one space! I am a hopeless romantic.

How did you get here?

I have always loved to design. As a young child i would always decorate and redecorate my room and also all our family and friends events would be designed and décor by myself. Designing brings me such happiness and when doing it for others makes it even worth while. I am very passionate about what i do and as your planner ,myself and my team our here to  give you the most memorable event you and your guest can ever experience.

What makes you the best?

I call myself the Planner Extraordinaire . LOL, but really I just believe in my brand and what it stands behind. We are here to give you the most beautiful, and well executed event

What makes me laugh?

I am over all a happy person! But a good joke usually does it for me LOL!

Best holiday:

My Birthday (Heehee) & Christmas

What I cannot say no to?

Good food. I am a big foodie . I enjoy going out to eat at highend restaurants.

Biggest risk I ever took?

Opening my business. Lord know this was a scary moment for me. Just believing in my self and not knowing what the future holds.

Let's Make Your Next Event Memorable!

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Our design and styling services are unique from others out there in that we will create a custom collection specifically tailored to your needs and vision, while offering the expert advice that works within your budget.